* Teaching Methods *
The way I teach a student depends on the goals of the
student.  Some students just want to learn to play chords so
they can play folk guitar.  Others want to be in a rock band
and others just want to learn to improvise.  Whatever your
goals are I can develop a plan to help you achieve your

I teach the music you want to learn.  It might be the latest
Taylor Swift song, or Guns 'n Roses.  I cover most styles and I
really love teaching and playing all of them.

Learning guitar should be fun!!  I try to make lessons as fun as
possible.  I try to get students playing the music they enjoy
listening to.

Every year we hold a student recital where students get to
come out and show off what they have accomplished over the
year.  It is a fun concert and it really focuses students on
practicing and gives them  experience performing.

If a student is interested in learning to read standard notation I
use Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method.  It is a great method
book series and I used these books when I learned to play
guitar.  Reading from standard notation is not for everyone.  
You can learn to play guitar quite well using Tablature and
chord diagrams.  If you want to play in a jazz band or become a
professional musician I would encourage you to learn to read
standard notation.

I teach music theory.  One of the most important things to
learn no matter what instrument you are studying is music
theory.  Music theory helps you to understand how scales
and chords work and knowing it can really make you a better