* Sound Clips *
Steve Zeik
Steve Howe's beautiful Mood For A Day.
All The Things You Are - A very popular jazz standard
by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hamerstein II.
The Rain Song.  Another of my favorite Led Zeppelin
Up Front.  A little tid bit from Jim Fergusons All
Blues Soloing for Jazz Guitar.
Bossa Rocka.  One of my earliest jazz favorites by
the great George Benson.
Bach - Prelude for lute in D Minor.  One of bachs
most beautiful pieces composed for guitar.
Eruption.  My take on Eddie Van Halen's landmark
guitar solo that forever changed rock guitar playing.
Stairway to Heaven Intro.  The song that made me
want to learn the guitar!
Some of my favorite Led Zep tunes.
Rain - A beautiful instrumental by one of my favorite
guitarists Vinnie Moore.
Crazy On You intro.  A great little acoustic thing from
one of my favorite Heart tunes.
Holy Wars - a nice little acoustic solo by Marty
Friedman which I played on my new AD 1769
Bach's Invention #13 acoustic guitar duet.
Some mp3s of me playing some of my favorite styles of guitar.
Click on the guy playing guitar thumbnails to hear the clips.
Finger style Blues arrangement by Duck Baker.
Travis Picking
New - Jam Man by Chet Atkins also known as the
E-Surance TV Commerical jingle.